Fullerton Dental crowns for kids

Repair Broken Teeth

Crowns For Kids

If your child has a damaged tooth, a dental crown from Butler Pediatric Dentistry will protect and restore it. Crowns are designed to cover the entire surface of a cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth and restore its shape and function. Dr. Butler is an experienced pediatric dentist in Fullerton, and at our office we guarantee beautiful, lasting results.

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Restoring Baby Teeth

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are typically the best way to restore seriously-damaged baby teeth. This type of crown is recommended specifically for baby teeth because its dark grey appearance will not hinder the aesthetics of your child’s smile permanently. Your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out naturally, so aesthetically-pleasing solutions are not as critical when treating these teeth.

Stainless steel is also very durable, so you can rest assured that your child’s tooth will be protected. During treatment, Dr. Butler will remove any damaged and decayed tooth material, then clean and disinfect the area. Next, prefabricated stainless steel crown will be permanently attached to the tooth.

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Restoring Permanent Teeth

Ceramic Crowns

If your child has a large cavity or has damaged a permanent tooth, we offer ceramic crowns to get your kid back to optimal oral health. Ceramic crowns are custom-made to match your child’s surrounding teeth for a seamless smile.

Treatment begins with removing damaged, decayed material from your child’s tooth. Then, Dr. Butler will prepare a pre-fabricated ceramic crown and permanently attach it using specialized dental cement. This procedure can be completed in just a single appointment to give your child the freedom of a healthy, carefree smile again.

A Durable Option

Bioflex Crowns

We're excited to offer Bioflex crowns, the cutting-edge solution for damaged teeth. These prefabricated resin crowns are designed specifically for young smiles, offering a durable, aesthetic, and less invasive alternative to traditional restorations. With Bioflex crowns, we can quickly and effectively protect your child's damaged or decayed teeth, ensuring they leave our office with a smile that's as healthy as it is bright. Our team is committed to providing the very best care for our little patients!

Does My Child Need A Crown?

When Crowns Are Recommended

Crowns are usually recommended when your child has a cavity that is too large for a traditional filling. The larger a filling is, the less durable it will be. So if your child has extensive decay, a crown is typically a better long-term option for protecting their tooth. Crowns are usually the best option to restore teeth that have been damaged by oral injuries. Cracked and seriously-chipped teeth should be treated with a crown immediately to prevent further complications, like tooth infections.

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