Butler Pediatric Dentistry

801 E. Chapman Ave #226
Fullerton, California 92831
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What a calm serene environment. I couldn't ask for a nicer office, dental hygienist, and dentist for my 2 year old.   - Katie


Great office!! My son was VERY apprehensive about his appointment, but after his cleaning and x-rays were over, he didn't want to leave! Wonderful staff :)  - Amie


My son had his very first dentist appointment today and what a wonderful experience. Dr. Butler and her entire staff are absolutely fantastic! The office is peaceful and serene and VERY kid friendly. My 16 month old did not want to leave and cried the whole way to the car! We highly recommend going to see Dr. Butler.  - Audra


The kids are super comfortable here and look forward to their appointments. Cavities and all!  -Sarah


Love this office! Just got back from my 18 month old sons 2nd visit. He had a blast as always. Great, friendly staff that played with my son as I talked with Dr. Butler:-) I will continue referring my friends here!  - Stephanie


Wonderful office and staff, and extremely kid friendly. They really know what they are doing here and you can tell that they LOVE children. Dr. Butler is fantastic at what she does and we're so happy that we found this office. I strongly recommend this office for children of all ages.  - Sam


My niece has seen Dr. Butler for a couple of years now and she's amazing!!!!!  We were so happy when she opened this new office. She's always been so gentle with my niece and she loves seeing Dr. Butler. She just had her first 'sugar bug' removed and filled with a 'star', and the process went so smoothly!!!  Dr. Butler and Rorie took their time with her, and explained everything before they did it. That helped her so much. Plus the T.V. above her head with her favorite princess movie playing and the awesome toy closet selection helped too. We are so happy that Leila loves going to the dentist, and everything with Dr. Butler has been such a great experience!!!!!  Thank you Butler Pediatric Dentistry!!!!!!!!!  - Amelia


Dr. Butler and crew are the best! In looking for our sons dentist we searched high and low, and yelp came to the rescue once again. Each review is spot on.
First off: this place is gorgeous. They really took the time to create a welcoming place that has a great flow and is super inviting to both kids and parents. The fish tank is spectacular and the reading area is clean and inviting. Even if this office was a plain dentists office the staff here are amazing. Everyone is super friendly, very kind and helpful, and consummate professionals. I could go on and on about this place--but you have to check it out yourself. It's always a challenge to find a place good enough for you little ones and this is one of the gems!  - Antonio


Wow! Just W-O-W!! I am so utterly impressed with Dr. Butler and her team! This was our FIRST dentist appointment with our 19-month-old triplets and not only was she able to see ALL of them in the same appointment, they were free to roam around and not restricted! Dr. Butler and her staff were so friendly, so accommodating, and it was very apparent that they all loved children. The waiting room, the office, the exam room were all very clean, organized, and new. I'm so happy and satisfied to have found Dr. Butler on Yelp and hope that others will read these awesome reviews and do the same! You won't regret it!  - Julie


Wow this place and its staff are impressive! Their customer service is amazing, and the rapport they establish with the kids is great. My daughter was afraid to go at first, but after the great experience she had, we left with her saying she likes going to the dentist! Even when I had an issue with my insurance, they were more than willing to help me sort things out and called on my behalf. Who does that these days? Love this place!     - Jennifer


This place is the best! I was looking for a new dentist for my 3 kids and tried this place because of the location and reviews. Dr. Butler is very nice with parents and kids. I've never seen my kids so quiet and content at any Dr.'s office. I had a problem with my insurance (I switched providers, so I thought) and they were helpful and understanding. Even though my insurance was not confirmed, Dr. Butler eased my concerns about my daughter's teeth.  - Valerie


The office is fantastic for kids. The fish tank, books, toys and movies playing are kid friendly and calming. Being a daughter in law of a dentist- we has very high expectations of where our daughter would go once dad passed- this is the place we wished for. Dr. B is a new mom herself so she "gets it"... my daughter has pretty strong stranger danger and Dr. B and her staff minimized the tears as best possible by allowing her to sit on my lap, play with the tools and made the visit a game. She is covered under my insurance - however prices are reasonable in the market if you want to go more than twice, glad we found her.  - Amber


I just took my one-year-old son in to Butler Pediatric Dentistry for his first exam.  The staff was extremely good with him.  They were able to make him feel so comfortable that they were able to get my son to open his mouth and examine him.  They were friendly and patient, taking the time to answer all of my first-time mom teeth care questions. The office itself is beautiful and kid friendly with a kids waiting room full of fun activities and an enormous fish tank that my son was amazed with.  There are T.V. monitors for each patient to be able to choose a movie to watch to keep them entertained while getting examined. I was so amazed at how good the staff was with my son, especially Rory and Dr. Butler, that I have recommended Butler Pediatric Dentistry to several friends!  - Anonymous


WOW! What a great place for kids. Some dental offices say they offer pediatric dentistry because they have a play station in the waiting area or a few toys, but this office is built for kids. (literally...tiny flushing potty in the bathroom for toddlers...which my 3 year old loved!!)  Each patient has their own monitor to watch a movie as they get their teeth cleaned while parents can sit nearby and find out about how to care for those developing teeth. As a school teacher I know how challenging working with kids can be, especially when they don't want to do something. The front office staff, dental hygienist, and Dr. Butler all seem to have that special gift needed to work with kids, even the most reluctant patients. My daughter sat for an exam, cleaning, and even a full set of X-rays! My daughter had no sugar bugs (cavities) thankfully, but I really should have brought her in after that 1st tooth popped through, lesson learned! I had no problem making an appointment that fit my schedule and they took my dental insurance (MetLife PPO) which made this experience even better.  Call and make your appointment today, this is a new office and the word will spread soon about how fabulous this place truly is!  - Liz


FANTASTIC! is the only way to explain this office.  Dr. Leslie Butler office is just beautiful and the staff was so sweet to my granddaughter, Dr. Butler took her time to explain everything she was going to do to her to make her comfortable and safe, that is very  hard to do for a two year old. I always know that she will be well taken care of at Dr. Butler office.  - Lisa


Dr. Butler is awesome with the younger kids! They love going to the dentist now. This is a very kid friendly office with the iPad station, toys, goodie bags, and movies that the kids can watch when they get their teeth cleaned. And the staff is fantastic. I wish they had this office when I was a kid!!! I'm so glad we found this office.  - Taylor


I took my 1 year old here today for his 1st dental exam based on a referral from a friend. Dr. Butler was amazing! The office is so nice and 100% kid friendly. My son loved roaming the office halls and watching the beautiful fish. Dr. Butler and her staff were so friendly and were able to examine my son's teeth without any problems. They offered him toys and stickers and made him feel very comfortable. She also gave me great tips on how to care for his teeth and which types of food and drinks to avoid in order to give him the best chance of avoiding cavities. I have already recommended her to my sister and will be referring all of my other friends with children as well :)  - Stephanie


I took my toddler here for his first dentist appointment and was a little worried because he isn't the biggest fan of doctors (and you never want your baby to have a bad experience). But he had no issues whatsoever. He loved playing in the waiting room with the iPads on the wall and even got to pick which movie would play while Dr. Butler looked at his teeth. He sat happily through the whole exam watching Toy Story 3, and I'm happy to say there was no crying :) The staff was great, letting him play in the waiting room until I thought he would be ready to go in the back. Dr. Butler also told him everything she was going to do before she did it so he wasn't scared. When we got home my son even told me he had fun at the dentist. When do you ever hear that? I was extremely happy with our experience here :)  - Melissa


Such a great practice, highly recommend!  The atmosphere is perfect for both child and patient.  The staff is so kind, attentive and professional.  My one-year old daughter will not fear going to the dentist, but instead look forward to the experience-- Thanks to Dr. Butler for making it "fun".  - Ashley


What a difference a dental practice makes!  My son had been seeing a dentist in Long Beach, which was "fine," but too far away.  I had no idea what we were missing, until we found Dr. Butler and her practice on Yelp. My son was immediately taken by the fish tank, so much so that the iPads behind it went nearly unnoticed.  (He's almost 4, by the way.)  Laura was so welcoming and very kid-friendly.  She talked to him, despite him not really answering. Rorie came out and introduced herself to both of us, and then took us back to the X-Ray chair.  My son had never had X-Rays, so he was a little nervous getting in the bright orange chair.  Rorie made sure he was completely comfortable with the tool she would put in his mouth, the film, and the machine before she started taking pictures.  She even told him the lead drape was a superhero cape!  I could not believe how patient she was.  She explained to him exactly what everything would do, and he was a champ. Rorie gave us a tour of the practice before leading us into the cleaning area.  Four gorgeous purple chairs awaited with T.V.s playing Cars and Frozen above.  Again, Rorie took her time with my son, gently talking him into the chair.  She showed him each of the tools and let him "play" with each one.  He really liked his finger being tickled by the spinning tiger cleaner.  He picked his flavor of toothpaste, and she began cleaning his teeth.  My prior experience of teeth cleaning with him involved A LOT of screaming, so this was incredible.  She worked on his teeth, telling him she was counting them.  Periodically, he yelled out something related to Cars, but she kept treating him. When Rorie was done, we met with Dr. Butler, who examined his teeth again and applied the fluoride varnish.  She explained what treatment was needed, and gave us a print out of the costs and options.  There was no pressure to schedule anything right away, but I did anyway.  She also gave really good suggestions (as did Rorie) on how to best manage his oral hygiene to keep any future issues from arising.  Also, my son got to pick two toys from the wall when we left. Again, our last dentist wasn't bad, but it wasn't like this!  Everyone was so professional and child-focused, it was truly a wonderful experience.  We look forward to Dr. Butler and her team being our son's new dental team.  We are never going anywhere else!  - Anonymous


I don't normally write reviews but I just had too. I have a 3-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. It was their first visit to Dr Butler's office (it wasn't my sons first dental visit). He hasn't had any dental work done in the past but he is somehow terrified of Dentists. First off as we are entering the office Laura knew exactly who my son was and greeted him right away. That sole action put him at ease. Then when he found the iPads on the wall it was like heaven for him. Rorie introduced herself and gave us a tour of the office. Which made my son a bit nervous so he had to go potty. Let me tell you... It was so nice to have a restroom with a regular size toilet and a mini toilet :) When we came out my daughter was already on the chair getting her teeth checked, not a single tear!!! She felt so comfortable I was pretty impressed My son on the other hand did have a small melt down once his check up started however Dr. B and Rorie were so patient and supportive that when he was done his first words were "yay I did it!!!" They gave him the confidence to pull through a whole check up and cleaning. Overall I am pretty happy we found Dr. B. Not only did my husband and I like her but my kids felt comfortable with her and her staff.  - Osiris


My son is 3 and had been to a dentist before. Sadly he didn't have a good experience. He would scream and cry when we got there. Eventually even the mention of him going to the dentist would make his hysterical. That dentist recommended taking him to a pediatric dentist. She gave us a few referrals, but they were for commercial pediatric dentists (nothing wrong with them). Personally I remember my brother going to a place like that and didn't want to go that route. Anyway, I went on our insurance website searched and compared reviews and decided Butler Dentistry would be a good start (and really hoped and prayed it would be the place for us). I set up and appointment and my husband took our son. My husband immediately text me and said the place was amazing and then another and another all saying how much he liked them and how much Brennan loved them. Brennan was so excited about going back that he kept reminding me (and still does) about his appointments. Ha ha we live very close to their office so when we pass it he points it out and lets me know that he "really likes the blonde doctor that works on his teeth and gives him prizes". We will be taking our son (and soon our daughter) for as long as they are young enough to keep going!!  -Vanessa


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