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First Visit

Our team works very hard to make the first
dental appointment for your child a happy one.


A lot of parents worry about the first dental visit for their child.  Maybe they have heard stories about children being afraid, or maybe the parents have had a bad experience at the dentist themselves.  We understand that you may have these concerns, and our Team works very hard to make the first dental appointment for your child a happy one.

We spend a lot of time at all our appointments talking to the children and explaining to the children what to expect.  We utilize a concept called “tell-show-do,” which means we tell the child what we are going to do, we show them what we are going to do, and then we slowly, with no surprises, do it.  Most children respond very well to this approach, and are very pleased and proud of themselves for their achievements.

With our younger children, typically those under age three, we will often do the exam with the child sitting on the parents lap.  This helps children feel more at ease, and the parents can see exactly what we are looking at when we are doing our exam.  Our professional staff is experienced in treating young children and will establish a calm, safe and fun atmosphere for your child's visit. Our older patients graduate to the “big kid” dental chair if they are ready.  We individualize our exam for each child, and customize the cleanings we offer, and the radiographs that we take, accordingly.

Here are some tips to make the first dental appointment a success: 

  • Try not to bring your own fears into the office.  Children pick up on their parent’s emotions very easily.  If you are worried, your child will be worried.  If you are positive about the appointment, your child will be also!
  • Focus on the positive! Talk about the fun stuff our office has.  We have an iPad wall, toys, lots of books, and a HUGE fish tank in our waiting room, TV’s on the ceilings, and prizes for the kids at the end. 
  • At the appointment, try to let our team explain what we are doing.  It can be very tempting to want to help to explain things to your child as we do them.  Try to let us explain to your child… it will help them to build their trust in us, and we have special kid-friendly words that we use to describe what we are up to. 
  • If you have any special concerns, let us know away from your child.  Maybe your child had a bad experience at a dentist in the past, or has a special fear they have discussed with you.  We spend extra time making your child comfortable, and it helps to know any specific issues from the start.